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I wish to Thank you for visiting LifeGuard Ministries

I truly hope that what I have learned through the wisdom and knowledge that has been granted to me by the Holy Spirit will also be used to inspire you and bring you to a Theologically based understanding of our Heavenly Father as He should be truly seen and known for His Glory alone. Reformed Theology unlike many of the theological doctrines presented in this day will always present itself throughout all the doctrines of systematic theology with the very center of it maintaining the essence, attributes, and Holiness of God. Remaining at the very core throughout all of doctrinal understanding. Whether it be Soteriology, Eschatology, Ecclesiology, or any doctrine of Systematic Theology, the ministries of the very understanding of who Gods is and His direct revelation to us through Scripture will always be maintained within. This is what separates Reformed Theology from much of the Theological ideas within so many ministries of this day and age. Ideas that begin with the Theological study of God , but as soon as the page is turned to the Systematic Doctrines many of the concepts of the attributes, essence and Holiness of God are forgotten and there are many ministries that do not focus on this very essential matter of understanding. Reformed Theology is True Biblical Theology as it has been from the beginning.

Also on this page LifeGuard Ministries would like to Introduce you to A Sermon Audio Browser below.

Here you will find some of the best eye opening sermons given by the very well renowned Theologian, Pastor and author R.C. Sproul. I truly hope you enjoy LifeGuard Ministires site as I will continue to share what God has given me to be able to shine His light on others.